Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My First Vintage Clothing Shoot

Tara and I took a tooooooon of vintage pictures on Sunday. It was actually our first successful (so we think) clothing shoot. We have been too nervous in the past to really try at it.
But the other day I realized there was this great fence in my alley and it so happened to be perfectly sunny out (not at all warm though). It worked out well. The pictures above are a few of my favorite items!! I really am tempted to keep the leather purse and the black dress.
They'd be perfect for spring!
This week we'll be slowly adding all of our items (it's been hard transitioning to full-time hours... we have less fun time for sure now).
We're saving a big shoe update for this weekend.
Side note: The plaid button up and cardigan combo reminds me of high school. It was basically my everyday outfit. I have definitely drifted from that look. but i think i may bring it back this spring!. Perhaps even with my favvvvorite brown chuck taylors....holes and all. I refuse to part ways no matter what.

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