Saturday, February 13, 2010

I could fall asleep in that.

Think i could deeefinitely use a gynormous scarf like this for winter-mopeding! :)


Made by my bff Tara Polzin: DolledUp

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vintage Home Goods

In love with my sister's new vintage housewares etsy- Sally Cinnamon Vintage

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 things that made my week

1. walking home in a snow storm.
2. tomato soup&grilled cheese sammys
3. escaping to The Smiths while stuck at work
4. keeping word to my hydration plan, no soda so far!
5. pondering up lovely spring clothing
6. selling a buuuunch of vintage this week!
7. wearing my new boots!
8. finishing a book and watching the horrible movie version
9. realizing i don't have to driiiive in the snow. yay bus.
10.walking in my apartment and seeing my boy awaiting

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sticks and stones may break my bones...

...But these HUGE salt sprinkles are killing my boots! (and making me very unstable as I walk to the bus stop)
Took my camera to work today to upload some vintage pictures. On my way home I think i'll get off the bus a few stops early and take some pictures of my neighborhood. I really do love where I live.... even though it's not in walking distance of a lovely cafe or resturant....
My residental area has some of the most beautiful houses in Milwaukee though. A lot of bungalows made of Cream City brick. So simple and classic. In fall, my boyfriend and I would take long walks through the maze of houses till we arrived at the lake. Then realizing how underdressed we were with the cool lake breeze.
A lot of days I forget how close we are to a huuuuge mass of water! (about 4 blocks away really!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a sweet gift this would be.

A pendant necklace with a longitude and latitude location of a treasured spot by the wearer.
By TriggerHappy and reposted from PoppyTalk

This is on my want list for Valentines Day. But it's too bad my boyfriend's completely tuned out to the internet world.

My First Vintage Clothing Shoot

Tara and I took a tooooooon of vintage pictures on Sunday. It was actually our first successful (so we think) clothing shoot. We have been too nervous in the past to really try at it.
But the other day I realized there was this great fence in my alley and it so happened to be perfectly sunny out (not at all warm though). It worked out well. The pictures above are a few of my favorite items!! I really am tempted to keep the leather purse and the black dress.
They'd be perfect for spring!
This week we'll be slowly adding all of our items (it's been hard transitioning to full-time hours... we have less fun time for sure now).
We're saving a big shoe update for this weekend.
Side note: The plaid button up and cardigan combo reminds me of high school. It was basically my everyday outfit. I have definitely drifted from that look. but i think i may bring it back this spring!. Perhaps even with my favvvvorite brown chuck taylors....holes and all. I refuse to part ways no matter what.