Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My favorite thing about the holiday season is hunting for vintage holiday goodies

I found this authetic 1950s aluminum Christmas Evergleam for $40 (!!!!!) on craigslist a few months ago.

7ft tall!!!!

The catch was.... they only advertised the box, and couldn't comment on the actual goods!

but I bought it anyways!

and good news..... every branch is there! it's a beauty for sure

I am currently getting my house ready for a holiday party this friday.
I have lofty goals of painting my living room and dining room (see the yellow! it must go!)

It's a vintage themed party, and i'm just a little too excited!!!!

(Evan with his nerdiest of expressions!)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I tend to be drawn to classic outerwear garb... a timeless piece.
This vintage one James (miss bleubird herself) is wearing is ideal.  Fur trim collar and cuffs, asymmetrical closure, and a belted waist.

I'm a tall gal, just like her, and a belted waist is a must.

I've had a few successfull weeks in life and decided to treat myself a bit.

Soon this lil' number will be arriving at my door-step.
Available at Urban Outfitters , now $89!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanks Renegade!!!

....and sorry for fully abusing the free photobooths! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tulm had numberous stores with wide varieties of beaded goodies.
I'm fully inspired to bust out that loom my ten-year-old-self begged my grandpa to construct. :)

Can't wait to play around with beading, combining it with my previous loves of macrame and leather.

i don't really have a plan as to how or what i'm going to make...

...but that's kind of the fun of it.

THIS weekend.

Perhaps my favorite fair of the year, Renegade Holiday Chicago!

Be there, or be square.  It's quite a time!

Tulum '10

Sunny 80 degree Tulum, Mexico.

We slept on the beach, drank margaritas, and read books (me- Darkly Dreaming Dexter & and the start of Under the Dome, by Stephen King (put on hold till after this weekend!))

.......and that's pretty much it.

oh and got wicked sunburn, which of course, was faded by the time we landed in Milwaukee.
My loot- A southwestern woven rug/blanket, some leather bags, and a few beaded jewelry items.

The rug will be my inspiration for my living room design, along with a protrait of a buffalo that my grandpa painted in the '60s.