Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Mini-hiatus caused by a busybusy weekend!

My good friends, Brian and Erin, got married on Saturday.  With a miscommunication between them and their "photographer", I ended up playing their serious photographer for a good while.

Events like this where the majority of people i know in life are all in one place, at one time.. truely makes me happy.

And going through these photos makes me realize how dapper they all are!

And for some silliness

Monday, September 27, 2010

Misses Running Fox

Hi, my name is Tara, one of the two people that run Girl Least Likely and I have just started a new shop on Etsy called, Misses Running Fox.  Lisa, the other hands in Girl Least Likely helped me take photos this weekend for the new shop.  Here is a taste...

Pls visit Misses Running Fox on Etsy!

<3 Tara

Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage Update

Small Vintage update of shoes and jewelry.

We have a huge photoshoot planned for this weekend and will be posting them throughout the week!
Keep posted.

(preeeeeeetty sure we will be adding more sale items as well!! yeahyeahyeah)


Wish List

This week Wednesday is associate appreciation day, which means we get an additional 35% off all shoes and handbags.  which are already on sale.....and we can still use a 20% off coupon...
I, as usual, take full advantage of this day...
Tara and I plan to go to the largest Boston Store in Milwaukee and hunt for some fall goodies...


Suede Knee High Riding Boots.

Nine West, $149

Nine West, $129

As if i need more brown leather boots..........

Thursday, September 16, 2010


..Pardon our sweaty tired faces. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I love about Chicago.

Lovely Colorful Fences

Exposed Wooden Porches on Aparment Buildings

Am saddened I'm past this point in my life and never lived in a building like this.

Pretty...Pretty...Pretty Iron Gates.

This exact ones makes me swoon.

Sadly...that's the only three photos i took on my Renegade Weekend.


Renegade Loot....

This was my second year participating and attending Renegade Craft Fair Chicago.

Every time I go, I always have a few things in mind to be on the lookout for.

This year it was only pendant necklace. An everyday necklace kind of thing....

A ended up finding the perfect one.  A simple long monocle copper necklace. It goes with everything.

It even works!!

I also bought a Midwest necklace from Courtney Fischer

And a Vintage brass belt bracelet.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Renegade. Renegade. Renegade.

Today I am sitting in my stuffy cubical with nothing but Renegade on my mind and how I wish I could be at home crafting my little heart away.

I am so excited to be going this year with my bestie.  As you can see by her previous post we are very nervous about the weather.... Eeeeks!  Mother Nature better be nice!

<3 Tara

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Distracting my mind from freaking out about Renegade Chicago and the possibility of RAIN this weekend! *crosses fingers...knocks on wood.... does a little anti-rain dance...*

I'm going to try and not think about it.

On another note.  here are some amaaazing industrial home accessories.
I plan to FILL my house with them.

And i mean FIIIIILL.

(*Secret find* There's an antique mall in my area that has vintage metal fans starting at $10!!!! Working condition too!  I keep this place on the hushhush)

all in all. i want to be a post-war secretary.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

IYQ Photography

My good friend, Kimie James, is the eyes behind IYQ Photography

 Working a lot with engagement and wedding photos.
Rustic, vintage, and fun-loving

Exaaccctly what i would pick!

Follow her on blogger here!

September Sponsoring.

We are sponsoring BleuBirdVintage this month.

It's one of the few blogs that I follow.  i love her combination of life, vintage, and food posts...

Not to mention she has incredible style and artistic style photos.

<3 Lisa and Tara

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kitchen Inspiration

Soon enough it'll be time to redo and stylize my ENTIRE 15"x15" blank canvas kitchen.

I'm a sucker for depression era design mixed with classic vintage farmhouse elements.

Here a few inspiration photos and what i'm taking from them.
1. Industrial barstools
 2. Copper pots and pans hanging
3. Vintage industrial fan

1. Perfectly distressed kitchen chairs
2. Wooden plate rack

1. Wood counter tops
2. Farmhouse sink

1. Checkered flooring... and not your classic black and white.

1. Exposed shelves
2. Open and moveable kitchen island

1. Vintage appliances
2. Unconventional counter space. 

(images from Design Sponge)

Right now I'm working on stocking up on vintage cabinetry.
I have a few sets of hoosier cabinets and a 1920's built in cabinets.
They are all in their natural oak state, however i'm beyyyyooond tempted to paint them! I'm thinking off-white milk paint.   Milk paint is a way to get a destressed look without having to wait 100 years for it to naturally happen.