Friday, September 3, 2010

Kitchen Inspiration

Soon enough it'll be time to redo and stylize my ENTIRE 15"x15" blank canvas kitchen.

I'm a sucker for depression era design mixed with classic vintage farmhouse elements.

Here a few inspiration photos and what i'm taking from them.
1. Industrial barstools
 2. Copper pots and pans hanging
3. Vintage industrial fan

1. Perfectly distressed kitchen chairs
2. Wooden plate rack

1. Wood counter tops
2. Farmhouse sink

1. Checkered flooring... and not your classic black and white.

1. Exposed shelves
2. Open and moveable kitchen island

1. Vintage appliances
2. Unconventional counter space. 

(images from Design Sponge)

Right now I'm working on stocking up on vintage cabinetry.
I have a few sets of hoosier cabinets and a 1920's built in cabinets.
They are all in their natural oak state, however i'm beyyyyooond tempted to paint them! I'm thinking off-white milk paint.   Milk paint is a way to get a destressed look without having to wait 100 years for it to naturally happen.

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