Tuesday, November 9, 2010

gearing up to slow down...

November is one of the busiest months of the year for me.
 I participate in Art Vs. Craft (in good ole Milwaukee) and Renegade Craft Fair (in Chicago), which are both at the end of the month.... and only a week apart!

So I tend to spend the weeks leading up to it working hard at all parts of my life- Crafting, Vintage, and Home.

I leave for Mexico the WEEK before this crazy fair season begins.  Hope it doesn't set me back too much!

After all this is done, i plan to concentrate December and January on my house. Getting it fixed up. and fiiiinally painting! I hope to have my dining room and living room painted before my Holiday Party.

I'm extremely excited to dive into my house repairs a bit more!  Can't wait to see it transform before my eyes.  A house into a home.  It's about time to stop talking and start doing.

Here are a few of my "before" pictures of my house. These are from when we first moved in.

(my awkward forced pose by my mom.  The sign says "sold" but it was way to sunny to capture)

Needless to say... the red and yellow are outta here!!! Not much sunlight comes into our house, so light colors it will be.

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